Healing Your Grief

When You've Lost Someone Close To You...

Debbi Dickinson

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Season of Grief

As summer silently slipped into fall...
You suddenly ceased to be.
Alone now, in this season of grief...
The days of my heart grow cold.
The promise of winter takes hold...
Erasing all memories of spring.

Spirit Child

Dawn breaks along with my heart...
It is another day without you, my Spirit Child.
I hear your voice in the whisper of the wind.

Rain falls, mixed with my tears, onto your grave.
A wet-fallen leaf decorates your name etched in stone.

Grief shadows dreams of summer...
As warm as love's embrace,
Leaving me clouds of cold winterscape horizons in your place.

Heavenly Play

Giggling children play
on Heaven's stardusted shores,
chasing golden rays.


Harsh night retreated
in the soft pink blush of dawn,
offering solace.

Debbi's Books

Debbi is the author of two volumes of poetry which can be purchased on the web by selecting